This video of an “abandoned” Blockbuster has a bonkers twist

When was the last time you visited Blockbuster? For most, not since 2010 or 2011, when most of the remaining stores were closed. Thanks to a video posted to YouTube back in August (that is now resurfacing) by user RubarGar _, YouTubers were given a special tour of a seemingly abandoned Blockbuster in South Texas.

RubarGar _ pans his camera around the store showing rows of movies and candy in the eerily empty “former” store. The dramatic music that accompanies the video gives an mournful vibe, reminding us of a time before Netflix and Amazon Prime, where we had to physically go to a store to pick out a movie.

In a shocking twist at the end, a la Bruce Willis was dead the whole time, RubarGar _, revealed that he is actually an employee of the South Texas Blockbuster, which, while empty of people, is still an operating location.


The video, which as almost 500,000 thousand views on YouTube, has many commenters reminiscing about their own experiences with Blockbuster. While some commenters pointed out that little easter eggs, like posters of 2015 film Ant-Man and 2016 film Angry Birds on the wall, revealed that the video was fake, most conceded that the video was original and charming.


For many, Blockbuster is a thing of the past, and while the Blockbuster LLC stores are all closed, it’s heartening that the nostalgia lives on in independently-owned stores from the once-great franchise.

Long! Live! Blockbuster!

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