Just a casual PSA that there’s an ‘Ab Fab’ movie coming (and we’re JAZZED about it)

It’s been over two decades since Absolutely Fabulous first premiered on British television and fans of the cult favorite are finally getting the one thing we’ve been waiting for: the Ab Fab movie. The jittering, self-absorbed, alcoholic BFFs of legend Eddy and Patsy will (hopefully) be back at the end of this year. Jennifer Saunders, who plays Edina and co-created the show with Dawn French, says she has finally finished the first draft of the film script and told the UK’s Mirror, “My proper New Year’s resolution is to do the film, otherwise it’ll be a pointless year of procrastination.” That may not be a promise but it’s a lot more than we’ve heard since the one-off 20th anniversary special.

So why are we SO excited to see these two notoriously destructive lady besties reunited on the big screen?

It’s been a loooooong time coming.

This film script has been in the works for 20 years and the rumors have been circulating so voraciously that the movie began to just seem like urban legend. Now, we have some real concrete evidence and if it all comes through fans will be absolutely delighted — just as long as it doesn’t go the way of the Sex and the City franchise.

Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley are GOLD together.

Look, even if Eddy and Patsy are the messiest people on the planet, they have each other. They’re friends through and through and they would 100% be FAR worse off if they didn’t have each other. Whenever Eddy has to make a dramatic exit or needs someone to back her up, Patsy is there.

They fight, they argue and they don’t always agree but there’s comfort in friendship, and we can all connect with that truth. At least when Eddy and Patsy get lost in the Moroccan dessert or French countryside, they can have a joint panic (and a bit of wine).

They remind us, even at our worst we aren’t the worst.

Some days I feel like I am a Grade-A screw up but you know what? I’m not Eddy. Her failures offer us a bit of schadenfreude and a giggle to get us through a bad day.

While it’s all a good laugh, it’s also critical!

What makes Ab Fab extraspecial is that while it’s a comedy, it’s not a silly sitcom. It’s a satire aimed at all the fashion-obsessed, champagne-swilling, la-tee-da people we love to hate. Eddy and Patsy display the worst traits of a capitalistic, materialistic society. They’re vain, they’re silly, they are financially irresponsible, and they are so utterly out of touch with reality that they somehow manage to reflect some of our most real and ugliest shortcomings. The most cutting moments happen when Eddy or Patsy make throw-away comments that intentionally highlight their privilege as white, wealthy English women. They may make you uncomfortable, but good comedy should (playfully) mock our flaws as a society and hopefully, get us to change our ways.

While we don’t yet know much about the film, we can be sure to see Saunders and Lumley living a much more fabulous and frantic life than the rest of us. Plus Eddy’s polar-opposite and offspring, Saffy, is set to return too — so get out the bubbly and let the madness begin.

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