Aaron Sorkin just wrote a new version of “To Kill a Mockingbird.” Here are all the Sorkinisms we expect.

So we just found out that Aaron Sorkin is writing an adaptation of our favorite book from freshman English, To Kill a Mockingbird! The New York Times reports that Sorkin is writing a new adaptation for Broadway for the 2017-2018 season. No casting has been announced but OBVIOUSLY they are going to get someone bomb to play Atticus Finch, obviously you guys.

Our first thought when we heard the news was “This is going to be so great, yay!” Our second thought was “We wonder which Sorkinisms Ol’ Sorky will throw into this adaptation…”

Here are our best guesses:

The Walk and Talk

This most storied of all Sorkin Tropes is, of course, the infamous Walk and Talk.


Which means we can probably expect a lot more of THIS, #excellent


A dad-figure that imparts life lessons

Look, Atticus basically wrote the book on being a dad-figure who teaches us ALL the life lessons:


But with Sorkin penning this shebang, we wouldn’t be surprised if Atticus upped the decibel level on his life lessons every once in a while:


One extremely socially awkward character

Again, Boo Radley basically wrote the book on being socially awkward:


But a Sorkin Boo might just have a smidge more edge:


A good old-fashioned public outburst

It isn’t a Sorkin production without someone losing their ish in public:


So expect a LOT more of this from Scout:


Mile-a-minute dialogue:

Sorkin characters talk so fast. SO FAST:


And the denizens of Maycomb, Alabama um, don’t.


It’s hard to imagine Sorkin won’t pick up the pace, like just a skoch…

Big, epic monologues:

Sorkin’s work is defined by his use of ALL the monologues:


But TKAM already has ALL the big, epic monologues. See: anything Atticus Finch says literally ever:


Harper Lee already did your work for you here, Sorkin, now get back to figuring out how to put as many walk and talks into this thing as humanly possible.