Aaron Samuels was once on “Veronica Mars” and it was INTENSE

Happy almost-October 3rd! While we’d like to believe that total hottie, Aaron Samuels (er… actor Jonathan Bennett), decided to quit acting completely after his pivotal performance in Mean Girls, we’ve recently learned that he had an illustrious acting career outside of North Shore High.

Namely, as a guest star on one of our favorite ’00s shows: Veronica Mars!

Samuels (we mean… Bennett) was given a 2-episode arc, because duh, he’s hot and he’s talented. But this role was no straight-edge Aaron Samuels. This role had range and he got to showcase his dark side.

Aaron (Jonathan) played teen Casey Gant, who recently got involved with a local cult!

Bros./Getty Images)
Bros./Getty Images)

Season 1, Episode 9 (Drinking the Kool-Aid) features Aaron Samuels showing Veronica around the compound of his cult and even getting a little flirty with her by the fire.


The cult is called The Moon Calf Collective, and it’s heavily implied that along with milking cows and reading poetry, they’re into some kind of polygamy.


But it isn’t until the end of the episode that Bennett really gets to show his chops: Casey Gant is kidnapped by his own parents shortly after his grandmother’s death in a dramatic scene while Veronica looks on.

But that wasn’t the end of Aaron Samuels on Veronica Mars. Several episodes later, Aaron reappeared in A Trip to the Dentist (Season 1, Episode 21.)

Veronica is investigating her own rape when she contacts Casey Gant to help her piece together the details of the night in which she was drugged. Aaron Samuels/Jonathan Bennett/Casey Gant then appears, a totally changed man. He’s mature and focused, and his parent’s intervention from the cult has clearly taken place.


Casey Gant confirms that Veronica seemed drugged on the night of her rape, but offers little in terms of further details of who the suspects could be, and jokes with her about being a changed man.

Sigh. Comedy…drama. Film…television. Is there anything Aaron Samuels can’t do?

The answer: make a Veronica Mars reboot happen ASAP.

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