Just so you know, Aaron Samuels from “Mean Girls” is still a total hottie

If you know and love the film Mean Girls (and if you were a teen of 2000s, that’s a definite “NO DUH”) you definitely, without a doubt, have wanted to inform Aaron Samuels when it is, in fact, October 3rd. Whether you have a crush on him or not, you totally remember him as the majorly oblivious yet incredibly enduring love interest of Cady, played by Lindsay Lohan, who thinks he is good at math but isn’t. He also never knows what day it is. Or that his girlfriend is cheating on him. Poor Aaron!

Strangely enough, it’s now been more than a decade since the release of Mean Girls (we know — WHERE has the time gone?) and we decided to do some digging and figure out what one of the most memorable characters has been up to.

In his real life, actor Jonathan Bennett, who played Aaron, has continued acting in movies and TV shows alike (Like the shows Awkward., Hit The Floor, and also two episodes of Veronica Mars, randomly). Whether or not you’ve recognized him is debatable, however, given that he’s really grown up in the past 12 years. While he still has a youthful look and boyish charm, he’s a far cry from the the high schooler in a hoodie we met him as in Calculus.

Just see for yourself from his Instagram:

Yes, he was indeed on a celebrity episode of Cupcake Wars….

But don’t worry, he hasn’t forgotten his Mean Girls roots:


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