Aaron Taylor-Johnson says how he really feels when people ask about the age gap in his marriage

Aaron Taylor-Johnson may be on a career high — he just won a Golden Globe for his creepy role in Nocturnal Animals — but he recently admitted that his relationship with fame, unsurprisingly, hasn’t always been pleasant. If you didn’t know, Taylor-Johnson, 26, is married to Fifty Shades of Grey director Sam Taylor-Johnson, 49, and their age gap has drawn a lot of unwanted attention. In a recent interview, Aaron discussed the media’s (annoying) preoccupation with their ages.

In New York Magazine‘s latest issue, Aaron talks about the intense scrutiny he and Sam experienced when they got married in 2013:

“The attention was intrusive. But having to deal with that early in my career probably got me to a place where I can more quickly just go, ‘Oh, fuck it’ instead of wanting to rip someone’s head off for asking questions I don’t like, he told New York Magazine.


We can’t imagine.

Sam and Aaron met in 2009 when Sam was directing Taylor in the film Nowhere Boy. They now have four children, two they have had together and two from Sam’s previous marriage.


He added in the interview that he finds keeping a happy face despite intrusive or uncomfortable questions near impossible. “I’ll never be Jennifer Lawrence or Tom Cruise,” he says, “someone who can hold a movie and then be charming and charismatic doing promotion. I haven’t got what they’ve got. But at least I’m now comfortable just being myself.”

Yeah, we’re not sure we could do that either.

The media obsession with their relationship has died down, and with good reason. As long as their relationship is happy and healthy, who cares? They’re pretty adorable, right?



His wife, Sam, is on the same page. During an interview with Harpers Bazaar in 2010 she highlighted the way her relationship is treated differently than those that involve an older man with a younger woman. “The amount of men I know with the same age gap that we have — how come no one says anything about that? It’s totally sexist,” she says. “I try to ignore it.”


Keep doing you, Aaron and Sam.