Aaron Paul reflected on that time he was on “The Price Is Right,” and it didn’t go the way you would have thought

First thing’s first. Just in case you didn’t know, Aaron Paul was on The Price Is Right way before his time on Breaking Bad. Video surfaced soon after the star made it big as Jesse Pinkman, and fans loved watching such a dream come true. (Since, let’s be honest here — it truly is a dream to be featured on The Price Is Right. Just imagine that adrenaline rush when your name gets called.)

Paul appeared during the Bob Barker years. Unfortunately, he wasn’t a big showcase winner, but he definitely seemed to get into the spirit of the show. Surprise, dramatics, and joy? Paul nailed all three.

We almost don’t even recognize him, but yes — that’s definitely Aaron Paul who was invited to “come on down!”


Now that you’ve been refreshed, let’s focus on the present. Paul, who’s in the midst of promoting the second season of his Hulu show The Path, brought up his game show experience on The Late Late Show With James Corden. 

Weirdly enough, it’s actually a bit grim.


"When I did the show, I was struggling, I had no money, and it was really a source of possible income. When I lost that damn car, I was so depressed for so long," Paul admitted.


What made it even worse? Since the show shoots two episodes per day, his friend stuck around for the second taping and ended up winning the famous Showcase Showdown.

"I had a 1982 Toyota Corolla. It was beautiful. I mean, it wasn't really beautiful, it was terrible, but I loved it,"Paul said of the car he was driving at the time of filming. "Every time it rained, the trunk would fill up with water."

But, have no fear. Aaron Paul eventually got the redemption he wanted. Since The Late Late Show is filmed in the same place as The Price Is Right, Paul got to revisit the set 17 years after the fact.


We don’t love violence, but uh — Paul knocking down the mop with the googly eyes in sheer joy was pretty incredible.

Since The Price Is Right often airs primetime specials, we definitely think they should figure out an episode where Aaron Paul gets to have a (legit) happy ending. He deserves a win, for sure.

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