Aaron Carter’s Ex-Fiancée Finds His Autopsy Very Suspicious

"[This is] not closure for me," says Melanie Martin, about the cause of death.

Aaron Carter’s autopsy is out — and his loved ones are calling BS. Namely, his former fiancée Melanie Martin.

Martin told TMZ she’s “still in shock” and left with “no closure,” and “only more questions,” since the Los Angeles County coroner released the results on Tuesday.

It showed that the 34-year-old singer and younger brother of Backstreet Boy Nick Carter died by drowning in a bathtub— shortly after he inhaled difluoroethane, an odorless flammable gas that comes in a can, combined with ingesting the generic form of the anti-anxiety drug Xanax.

According to the National Institutes of Health, difluoroethane is a commonly abused inhalant in a means of getting high that’s known as “whippits.” The coroner ruled the death accidental.

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Martin — who reportedly had a tumultuous relationship with the father of her 1-year-old son — says that it doesn’t make any sense. “I don’t understand the chain of events,” she told TMZ. “He was wearing a t-shirt and necklace in the bathtub… why would he be in a bathtub with clothes on?”

A housekeeper reportedly found Carter dead in his Calif. home in November of 2022. The “I Want Candy” singer battled with drug addiction and made public allegations against his record label and his brother Nick, 43, claiming he was a “serial rapist.

Just last week, Nick Carter was in court in a defamation case he filed against a disabled woman who claims he sexually assaulted her. That same week, singer Melissa Schuman formally filed suit against Carter alleging that he drugged and raped her in 2017.

Carter has repeatedly denied the allegations.

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