Mindy Kaling, Oprah, and Reese Witherspoon’s impressions of each other are low-key savage, and we could watch them for hours

Oprah, Reese Witherspoon, and Mindy Kaling have become the best trio of friends since filming A Wrinkle in Timebut they’re way closer than we expected, like, making fun of each other close. The women appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden and got to talking about how Witherspoon treated the cast like her kids by planning activities during their time off in New Zealand. Kaling was down for the day trips, but Oprah, being a grown woman and our future president, was not on board with Witherspoon itemizing her day off.

That’s when Oprah launched into a hilarious impersonation of Witherspoon trying to sync up their schedules.

“Girls, girls, ladies, ladies, this is what we’re doing, y’all,” Oprah joked in the style of *Reese Witherspoon*, “Y’all I have a helicopter that will pick us up right in front of the yard, y’all. Then we’re gonna go on the top of a mountain, y’all. Then we’re gonna get on a boat, y’all. Then we’re gonna hike, y’all.”

First of all, we had no idea that Oprah had jokes, y’all. When it was time for Witherspoon to roast Oprah, instead of going for the typical “you get a car!” cliche, Witherspoon launched into a serious, fingers-pressed-together, “very emphatic with a very low voice” impression of her friend.

But Witherspoon’s send-up of Kaling was the most savage. Witherspoon parodied Kaling with a high, squeaky voice and her knack for asking a question, but following it up with another question. Witherspoon’s Kaling sounded A LOT like Minnie Mouse, tbh.

You can watch them all below:


Sadly, Kaling didn’t get to share her impression of the others. If we were on that talk show couch, we would have died to have Witherspoon impersonate us. Having your likeness roasted by the ladies of A Wrinkle in Time is the highest honor.