A Wishlist of Reveals for Beyoncé’s HBO Documentary

You know that friend that has HBO and sometimes you conveniently end up hanging at her place at the same time Girls is on? Make sure she’s free Saturday night, because HBO is airing Life is But a Dream, the Beyoncé documentary (EVER HEARD OF HER?).

We can’t get enough of B right now. And I can’t blame us. She reminds us to be strong, independent women. She’s an inspirational and influential role model for males and females alike. She’s a singer, actress, entrepreneur, and now director. Based on the trailer, this documentary looks like a peek inside her private life. She says, “I always battle with, ‘How much do I reveal about myself?’” YOU GUYS. We’re going to really get to know her!

What will she reveal through her handi-cam footage? Will she narrate the documentary like she does the trailer? When did she start filming? How far back does it go? Will Hova be there? I have questions, and we’re going to get answers come Saturday.

Here are some of my burning questions I hope ‘Life is But a Dream’ answers:

  • B. Bey. Beyowulf. Queen B. Bee-hive. Sasha Fierce. Benancé (okay, maybe that one’s just me). We love to assign her nicknames, but what would SHE like to be called? Has anyone ever thought to ask?
  • Does she get mad when people don’t put the accent mark on the é in Beyoncé?
  • Does she have a junk drawer?
  • Will she finally put the baby bump speculation to bed?
  • Does B eat McDonald’s? Personally, I would really enjoy watching her eat a cheeseburger.
  • Jay-Z: boxers, or briefs?
  • Obama cameo: Y/N?
  • Will she give me more details on the Destiny’s Child reunion, please?
  • Can we look back at some of her Destiny’s Child getups and all have a good laugh together?
  • Do she and Jay split the check at dinner, does he always pay, or do they trade off?
  • Does she wear slippers?
  • What if B ISN’T a bath person? I always assumed she was.
  • Does Jay wear sunglasses inside? To bed?
  • Does he ever make her breakfast? Is she a French toast person, or a pancakes person?
  • Will we see Beyoncé sing Blue Ivy a lullaby? Does she ever duet with J?
  • Where is Blue Ivy, ever?
  • Is this entire documentary just going to be footage of her at the gym? (I can only assume anyone that fab is inside a gym 98% of their waking hours.)

If anyone knows the answers to any of these questions, please let me know. Thanks. If not, tune in to Life is But a Dream Saturday at 9pm ET and we’ll get some answers together!

Featured image via ShutterStock from arvzdix

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