A Tween Wants To Know: Why Are We Calling Each Other Sluts?

I was recently on WeHeartIt and I came across a post that said:

I was shocked, but also embarrassed about the language because this was another example of slut-shaming, which I really hate. We have to stop shaming girls for their choices. I’m just going to say it, ’cause we all have moments of hate. I hate it when my friends flirt with my crush, but my feelings stop there. I don’t attack another girl, and neither should you.


I honestly hate the word “slut”. I’m in seventh grade and girls in my grade get called that word, particularly when they flirt. 1. None of us have had sex yet. 2. Flirting is no crime. The girls who are getting called sluts have not slept with anyone. They’re talking to boys, maybe laughing at their dumb jokes. Also, since when is it bad to have a lot of guys want you? If a girl has multiple boys with crushes on her, I want to know her secret. And, it’s a WHOLE different story.


The word “slut” should be taken out of our vocabulary. Period. Why would we call our peers something that shouldn’t be bad, but is? For some, it’s jealousy. But for others, what for? Also, it’s not your business. Why should you care what a girl is doing? Worry about yourself.


We are all learning how to be ourselves. Stop judging each other. If you don’t get someone, don’t make drama for her. Just mind your business. Pay attention to what you’re doing, and make the choices that work for you. And stop, just stop, calling your girlfriends the S word.

Bottom line: Can we just stop shaming girls for what they do? Why can’t we just love each other and not call each other mean names? Next time you see a girl flirting or whatever she may be doing, think, “Good for her.” This is because you should be happy for your friend, not calling her mean things.