A train station in London has been counting down to the “Game of Thrones” premiere in the best way

We are officially at #1DayToGOT and the worldwide anticipation is palpable. Theories about what will happen in Season 7 of Game of Thrones, the series’s penultimate season, have been traveling like White Walkers, and it’s clear that everyone will be watching the show’s season premiere tomorrow.

While it seems like everyone is counting down the days until Game of Thrones returns, some are more hardcore about it than others (we’re looking at you Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard). Perhaps the most public of GoT fandoms is The Kings Cross Station in London (home of Platform 9 3/4). They’ve been counting down to the premiere by writing quotes from the show on the station’s Service Information boards.

This is a massive railway terminal, and it’s gone total GoT-fandom on us in the best way possible.

On July 10th, at #7DaysToGOT, the sign had one of the show’s most hilarious quotes by Tyrion Lannister (who else?). “Please don’t eat the help,” it read.

 Classic Tyrion.

Two days later, the signs had another Tyrion quote (he really does have the best lines though), but this one is a little more ~deep~. It reads, “It’s easy to confuse ‘what is’ with ‘what ought to be’ especially when ‘what is’ has worked in your favor.”

 So wise. Also very relevant to, ahem, certain people in power of certain countries.

Going back to funny Game of Thrones references, at #3DaysToGOT, the Service Information sign featured “Directions by Hodor” and it’s so funny. (It’s also a little sad, for everyone who knows Hodor’s fate.)

Each label reads “Hodor!” which is Hodor’s word for everything.

 Such a sweet, gentle giant. Okay, now we’re reallysad!

This quote is very appropriate for a train station where people are leaving the corner in which they were born.


Of course, GoT fans traveling through Kings Cross are loving the themed signage. (Though if anybody’s actually looking for directions, they might not be great fans of the fun show of fandom.)

London is such a great place for nerding out over fantasy worlds! Brb, moving there now.

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