Can you count all the hidden Ed Sheerans in this picture?

Look at this picture of Grammy-winning musician Ed Sheeran standing outside in the beautiful foliage! It kinda looks like he’s heading off to his first day of school, from the grin on his face and the backpack on his back. What a happy lad!

Now take a second look at it, and realize that everything is NOT WHAT IT SEEMS. Those orange leaves in the background? Those are actually thousands of tiny little Ed Sheeran heads, scattered across the ground, all the same. It’s the same face he has in this picture, photoshopped to the extreme. The more you look at this picture, the more hilarious it gets.

Imgur user SSGSSVegeta posted it to the site, captioning it “I thought this was a normal picture at first.” Us, too. Now we’re going to need like 30 or so minutes to try and count all the tiny little Eds hidden in this picture, but TBH, after hitting 100, we start to lose count. So let’s round it up to like, ~a lot of Sheerans~. And don’t forget to really look at the cobblestone path, which also has Eds hidden in it, because why not.

Ten points to the commentator who noted, “Ginger crop is coming in nicely this year.”

Is this the weirdest picture of Sheeran we’re going to see today? Most certainly. Then again, it’s not every day you come across an image with a surplus of Sheerans.