A teen’s neighbor told her to stop smoking a cigar, but she was just eating a taquito and we can’t stop laughing

Sarah Holder may be our new icon. The Kansas teen just got into an embarrassing, but hilarious, predicament, when she was caught smoking a “cigar” that was actually a taquito, according to BuzzFeed. All thanks to the mom of the kids she babysits, who also happens to be her neighbor. Sarah got a text from the mom about her “bad habit,” aka smoking cigars, which her husband claimed to have seen Sarah doing as she drove past him. And although we don’t condone smoking cigars, what we do condone is eating taquitos, which is exactly what Sarah was actually doing. Sarah did what we would have done, replying to the text with a swift dead-in-the-eyes selfie and her half-eaten taquito.


And just like we can’t stop laughing at this, neither can the internet, which seems to have the same hilarious reaction that we had when we realized this story was actually not a joke. And although Sarah understands where Amy J, the mom, was coming from, we do respect her reply. We hope that her neighbors stop gossiping about her gnarly “cigar habit,” and we hope that Sarah pulled over to eat that taquito, because eating while driving is risky.

And with over 15,000 retweets, we know the internet is on our side of finding this incident hilarious. Sarah, you’re our real hero, and we will eat a taquito tonight in your honor.