‘A Tale of Two Besties’ book tour lands in Chicago!

What do you get when you take delicious treats, an adorable bookstore, and a buncha besties? The answer was Saturday’s event for A Tale of Two Besties at Anderson’s Bookstore in Naperville, IL. A little jaunt away from bustling Chicago, this book store sits in a precious downtown Naperville and was the perfect backdrop for Chicago gigglers to come and chat about books, BFFs and other great things that don’t start with a ‘B.’

Perhaps I’m biased, since I was the “special guest,” but the afternoon could not have been any more lovely. With the sweets (provided by DeEtta’s Bakery) flowing and the photo booth snappin’ (by Platinum Flash), our very own author of honor, Sophia Rossi, signed some books, introduced some contributors (Holla to Sophia Reichert and Bianca DeBardelaben), and then we got to talking about how Hello Giggles began, what it means to be a positive, empowering community for women, and a bunch of glorious things in between (like Nancy Drew and chasing dreams and yes, the wonderful book at hand).

The best part for me was seeing in real life (AKA off screen) all of the things that make this a community I’m very proud to be a part of. I loved seeing so many young women who are interested in telling their own stories and enriching our little (or, not-so-little) corner of the Internet. I cannot wait to see these pieces start to come to life. We’re all in for a treat.

Okay, I’m done gushing. Also did I mention how good the cookies were? I think I mentioned how good the cookies were. So, if Sophia and crew are coming to a city near you (I’m looking at you: AZ, NY, CA), I highly encourage you to go check it out. The remaining dates can be found here, and if you haven’t had a chance to check out A Tale of Two Besties, my goodness stop what you’re doing and go get it.