A Ryan Gosling impersonator accepted an award on his behalf, and we’re confused

You’d think that the only thing better than Ryan Gosling would be two Ryan Goslings, but…we’re not so sure. During Germany’s Goldene Kamera awards, a Ryan Gosling impersonator came out and shocked the crowd.

While we could see the difference from a mile away (let’s just say we’ve studied Gosling pretty hard) we’re still a little confused. In fact, our faces look just like Nicole Kidman’s, who seemed to look both horrified and humored at the same time. Was it a prank? Or a joke that didn’t land? Or did Gosling plot this out himself?

Entertainment Tonight had a segment on the impersonator. Watch for yourself, and see what you think about the whole ordeal.


The face shape? Totally different. The eyes, sure, we could see. This guy could maybe pass as Gosling’s cousin, at best.

Rumor has it that it was definitely a prank, put together by comedians from the show Joko vs. Klaas—The Battle Around the World. Supposedly they told production that Gosling would be available to receive his award for La La Land, but he wouldn’t be free for the red carpet. Or, y’know, any event or segment of the show that required a close distance.

In this clip, which has closed captioning (phew), you can see the entire segment — as well as the baffled audience. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s57lCRiy174

All in all, it’s pretty darn awkward.

We don’t know how or why the crew believed this, but they did. And what you saw above is what actually aired when everything went down.

Sadly, the actual Ryan Gosling has yet to comment. But knowing him, there’s a good chance he’d find this all to be pretty absurdly funny.

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