A recent auction proved that “Twilight” memorabilia is still worth a *lot* of money

The Twilight movies might have wrapped up in theaters, but the trilogy still has a lot of loyal fans. Loyal, and… well, probably rich. TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood held a two-day auction for Twilight memorabilia this week, and certain props went for pretty extraordinary prices.

A press release stated that the event saw around 1,000 bidders, all who were eager to take some of Twilight home with them. More than 900 items, from costumes to set decor, were auctioned off, including Bella Swan’s famous wedding garb. The event was so big that Prop Store, the company that put it all together, even set up their own website with FAQs and more information about how to place a bid. (And for an event that would last an action-packed two days, it’s pretty impressive.)

Bella’s engagement ring sold for $16,800 — and if that’s not going straight into a vault, it’ll likely make someone’s fiancée very, very happy.

Edward Cullen’s journal also went for a bunch — $7,800, to be exact. Jacob Black’s “Harness Jorts” (which, yes — they’re actually called that) sold for $600,  and Bella’s brown leather handbag was sold at $1,600.

By looking through the auction lots, it’s actually pretty fun to see what got a top bid. For example, Bella Swan’s cast and leg brace went for $425, and might just be the best, yet priciest, conversation-starter ever created.

Surprisingly enough, Bella’s party costume — both the bloodied and unbloodied version — didn’t sell.


We think it’s a super pretty dress, so that came as a surprise. Her bloodstained nightmare wedding dress and veil set did sell, which is somewhat intriguing.

While seeing the aftermath online is pretty entertaining, we know that this event was probably a lot of fun in person. We definitely missed out on the chance to hang out with some incredible Twilight fans, and watch it all go down!

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