A Recap of ‘Awkward’ Season 3, Ep. 1

So if you happened to check out my Field Guide to Seasons One and Two, then you might know that Awkward. is one of the reasons I live and breathe. Since the season two finale when Jenna and Matty (aka my future husband) FINALLY got together for realsies, the promise of Season 3 was the only thing that got me out of bed in the morning. (Some might call that pathetic. I call it dedication.) My friends and I have had a countdown ever since the April 16th premiere date was released.

And then…OMG IT HAPPENED!!! The premiere was finally here and I barely slept the night before. I’ve watched it 700 times, electively, since last night. (Ok, not 700 times but definitely upwards of 10.) So, I can tell you everything you need to know!

Season Three, Episode One

Jenna and Matty

This episode starts out with a bang and I mean that in more ways than one. While Tamara and Jake and Val were off touring Europe on a school trip, Jenna and Matty were getting busy. Their relationship is certainly going strong or it’s physical or whatever. They’re juniors and this year is going to rock!!!!!! (Little do they know…)

Tamara and Jake

So they haven’t DTR’d yet, which we know would be a huge issue for the old T. However, this new European T is so laissez faire, nothing can bother her. She and Jake are just floating along on their cloud of love. They both even got cool, new tre chic haircuts! They make out a lot and hold hands and are just so passionate and connected all up in Jenna’s face.

Jenna and Tamara

So while their boy relationships are going strong, J and T do not seem to be connecting lately. Tamara is way more concerned with her relationship with Jake then with her relationship with Jenna and J feels the pain. Did one summer in Europe break up these best friends? Jenna just feels very disconnected lately. There is clearly something wrong, but whom could she talk to? What happened to…


Jake wasn’t the only one who moved on from Jenna in Europe, Val has found herself a new girl: Tamara. This further drives home how lonely Jenna is feeling. Who can she talk to? She has like, no one!

The Blog

…to the rescue. Jenna briefly relies on her blog to share her pains of feeling so left out. Sure she has Matty, but Matty isn’t really someone she can talk to right now. Why is that? Well we don’t 100% know just yet, but I’m sure the answer to our questions in coming. Do not worry, though. The blog is set back to private.

Sadie Saxton 

She is all kinds of miserable this season, especially after being dumped by Ricky. Despite her character flaws, Sadie is pretty girl who knows how to work it. But she is doing the opposite of that in this episode. She is storming around the school, dressed down, eating pickles…did you say pickles?

Rumors start to spread that Sadie is pregnant with Ricky’s baby. Once the rumors get back to her, Sadie is forced to admit her new dressed down, lack of spitfire is due to her family’s financial misfortune and not a bun in the oven.

Leaving us close to the finish line with…

Jenna and Her Mom

With her mom and dad back together, Jenna’s family life seems great. She can depend on her mom again, especially when it comes to difficult decisions concerning life and death. Ah, yes, you heard me correctly: decisions. Jenna admits that it is not Sadie who might be pregnant, but herself. So that’s what all of this was really about.

She and her mother have a very heavy heart to heart where they decide Jenna will have her baby because her mom had her. Jenna and Lacey actually get excited about the prospect of a new baby in the house. Then she pees on a stick and finds out she isn’t actually pregnant.

The episode ends on a somewhat uplifting note I suppose. Yay, Jenna isn’t pregnant! But that doesn’t change the disconnect she is feeling about the world around her. We got a sense in the season 2 finale that being with Matty wouldn’t solve all of her problems. Sure, she has a boyfriend, but that can’t change the way she feels about herself. But fear not, Jenna! You already survived a horrible faux-suicide, a Care-frontation, a cheating scandal and a love triangle. You can survive anything!

If you haven’t already watched the premiere, run to your nearest form of technology and do so! Be sure to tune in every Tuesday at 10/9c for lots of laughing, crying and everything in between or otherwise!