A Rant About Pants

Women’s pants are the worst, am I right?

No, really, what’s the deal? Your size is different in every store you go to, the length you may need is different in every store you go to, EVERYTHING IS DIFFERENT! Why?

Don’t even get me started on dress pants… they are all made in weird materials that are dry-clean only and feel like pajamas. Plus, so many of them don’t have pockets. Why don’t we get pockets, designers? We have cell phones, too! And hands! Also, WHY IS EVERYTHING STRETCHY ALL THE TIME ALWAYS?

It doesn’t seem to matter what size you are; all of my friends and I have the same problems. Guys just look at us like we’re nuts whenever we talk about it. I know I’m not alone out there, but that doesn’t help the frustration!

I was talking with a couple of co-workers over lunch the other day about shopping for pants and how difficult it is to not only find a pair that’s comfortable, but also looks good and appropriate – jeans, work pants or sweats. They both immediately started talking about how hard it is to find pants for even little girls.  One was shopping for her 5-year-old who is tall for her age and went into one large, well-known kids’ clothing store to buy a pair of pants in the usual size, and they were too tight (her other clothes fit her just fine). A pair from another well-known store were too long. WHAT’S THE DEAL!?

If it’s this hard to even find pants that fit the way they are supposed to for a 5-year-old girl, maybe the industry needs to change.

I don’t think I’ll ever understand why most stores don’t size their women’s pants the same way they size them for men – by waist and length. It would make so much more sense and it would also make us women so much happier! No longer would we have to fight to figure out which pants will fit us best, or worry if we’ve gained weight when our usual size doesn’t fit right in a new store, or struggle with body image (as much) whenever we need to shop.

Don’t get me wrong – I know this isn’t a quick fix and we are always going to be insecure about clothes, because that’s what society has done to those with XX chromosomes. But it would be such a step in the right direction! So many of us are so worried about what our size is. If that all changed, think of the free time we’d have to worry and think about other things!

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