Somebody made this perfect A Quiet Place and The Office mashup, because it was only a matter of time

Viewers and critics alike can’t stop talking about A Quiet Place, the John Krasinski-directed horror film currently getting rave reviews. It’s getting so much buzz, in fact, that we aren’t even a little surprised by this new parody video. That’s right: Somebody made an A Quiet Place and The Office mashup, and, well, it was honestly only a matter of time.

While Krasinksi has had an impressive and successful career, you probably first got to know him as Jim in the American version of The Office (in fact, for some of us, he’s admittedly Jim4Lyfe…hence why this mashup makes total sense).

The parody video, created by YouTube user Media Muse, mashes together terrifying scenes from A Quiet Place with hilarious scenes from The Office, and somehow makes it work. Thanks to the use of hair-raising music and skilled editing, the end result is a totally creepy parody movie trailer that makes Dwight Schrute seem even stranger than he already is. It also makes cousin Mose seem even weirder (which we didn’t know was possible).

Are you ready? Okay, here it goes:

Pretty epic, right?  Who knew something so funny could be so terrifying? Also, let this serve as a reminder that you should totally see A Quiet Place if you haven’t already. Oh, and also, that we really could use that Office reboot we keep hearing about.

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