A Poem In A Bottle: To The Island of Long Lost BFFs

I’m scrolling up this letter

And tossing it into the sea

Hoping the bottle washes ashore

And somehow finds my bestie

She’s seemed to have disappeared

To where, I haven’t the slightest clue

We used to share all of our plans

When and where we were going & what we were going to do

I can only assume she’s on that one island

Where so many friends often dwell

The one where girls go when they get a boyfriend

And they slip into a stage-ten love spell

What do they do on this enclave, I wonder?

Lock hands and lips and into each other’s eyes stare?

Does she ever think about me, her BFF –

At the few times, if ever they come up for air?

I’m happy she’s found her Prince Charming

After sifting through quite the collection

I just wish that whatever place they went to

Would receive cell service or at least a wi-fi connection

It’s just that I love and I miss her

We’ve been two peas in a pod forever, a pair

In the meantime I’ll keep an eye on the coastline

otherwise I’ll just have to wait and meet her there.