This indie makeup brand is gaining applause for creating an inclusive foundation range

We are absolutely thrilled when a major beauty brand expands their shade range. Snaps all around for inclusion, but it’s important not to let baby steps taken by bigger brands eclipse indie brands who’ve been doing it right from the start.

Meet A.P.D.G., a new makeup brand on the scene with one of the most impressive shade ranges we’ve ever seen. A.P.D.G. (also known as the Alquemie Product Development Group) is making a splash with its 32-shade collection of pigments ranging from fair to deep. The pigments are sweat and transfer resistant and paraben- and cruelty-free.

A.P.D.G. is created in the American South and designed to withstand heat and humidity. The pigments are extremely versatile and can be used as foundation, concealer, or mixed with moisturizer for a custom BB cream. (BB creams are notoriously beige, so this is a big deal.)

The formula is buildable and dries into a soft matte. It has built-in primer and color corrector. Oh, and don’t worry, acne sufferers — it’s oil free.

A.P.D.G.’s pigments start at $18 for .33 oz, $24 for 1 oz, and $34 for 2 oz. (For reference, a regular bottle of Makeup For Ever HD Foundation is about 1 oz.)

Not sure of your shade? You can order a 7-part Sampler Pack of medium, medium dark, or dark shades for 10 bucks to find your perfect match. The Sampler Packs are currently sold out but will restock this Friday, August 10th at 12 p.m., EST. Set an alarm, alert the group chat, it’s going down.

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