A new teaser for “Descendants 2” came out, and it’ll leave you wanting more

You’ve waited for awhile — but, it’s (finally) almost time. Disney just released a new teaser for Descendants 2, which will be hitting the network this upcoming summer.

The first film, Descendants, was a huge hit for the channel. Since it focused around the offspring of some of our ultimate favorite Disney villains, of course it’d be a surefire win.

I mean, face it. It’s pretty cool seeing what the son of Cruella De Vil is all about. Is he evil as well? Does he love puppies? Thanks to Descendants, we’ve got a better idea.

The new teaser features returning cast members Sofia Carson as Evie, Dove Cameron as Mal, Mitchell Hope as King Ben, Cameron Boyce as Carlos, and Booboo Stewart as Jay — otherwise known as the son of Jafar.


“Long Live Evil,” the teaser reminds us. (We can handle Disney-level evil.)

The plot is rumored to be about Ben’s quest to help his friends out at Auradon Prep. Mal, the daughter of Maleficent, especially can’t handle the pressure of her new life and resorts back to evil.

The newest addition to the cast is China Anne McClain, who plays Uma — the daughter of Ursula from The Little Mermaid. Since she wasn’t in the original, it’ll be incredibly interesting to see how she fits in with the rest of the gang.

As the first one aired back in 2015, we might notice slight changes in the cast — especially Boyce, as he’s a few years younger than the rest of the returning crew.

The movie is set to take place right after the first one wraps up, so you may want to rewatch the first one as a refresher before this summer!

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