A new literary classic from Toni Morrison is on its way

Big news book lovers. The next novel from living literary legend Toni Morrison, is on it’s way.

The book, titled God Help the Child, will come out in April 2015 and will be Morrison’s eleventh novel — the Nobel laureate’s definitely still got it at 83.

Morrison’s writing usually tackles race and American life, all with language so moving you can’t believe someone strung the words together so perfectly. Of living authors, Morrison is in a class all her own. She’s won pretty much every literary prize possible: the Pulitzer, American Book Award, Nobel, as well as the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Barack and Michelle Obama both name Morrison as one of their favorite authors, and some of our fave young writers from John Green to Lena Dunham have named her novel Sula as an influence

Knopf, Morrison’s publisher, released the first sentence of God Help the Child earlier this week, and its emphasis on issues of blame and the relation of the past to the present are clear from the first words: “It’s not my fault, so you can’t blame me. I didn’t do it and have no idea how it happened.”

The full book description hints at more to come, from mythic/archetypal names to issues of race and beauty:

The description covers many of the same themes that have made Morrison’s past works so controversial and poignant: love, maternity, and the everyday trauma of life. God Help the Child promises to be another must-read novel from Morrison. A new novel that will focus on women’s stories in all their gorgeous complexity.

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