A man wrote down all the little beautiful things in life that make his wife cry, and now we’re crying too

Comedy writer Aaron Gillies recently took to Twitter to list all of the things that make his wife Lex cry, and we have to say, Lex seems like a catch. Seriously. Aaron is probably crying right now at his incredible good fortune of finding such a lovely, sensitive soul. We want to hang with Lex. Like, a lot. Among things that hit her in the feels are the fact that swans sometimes take on same-sex mates, seeing a photo of a piglet when she’s hungover, a fluffy bunny escaping from a fox in a documentary and again with the swans. Take a look at the list in its entirety here:

In Lex’s defense, I cry every single time I see the photo below. I don’t even have to be hungover. (Actually, that combination would probably result in full-on, body-wracking sobs.)


Moving on, our favorite thing about Aaron’s list isn’t the piglet. Or even the swans, although, that’s one of the sweetest things ever. It’s not even the dog video. What we love best is how touched she is by the simple, loving gestures of her hubby. A woman who cries because her husband holds her hand when she least expects it? That’s romance, you guys. I’m getting a little teary myself even thinking about it. It doesn’t surprise us in the slightest that Aaron’s list has gone viral. His original tweet has been RT’d more than 32,000 times in just two days. And now Twitter users are responding by telling Aaron about other amazing things that bring the feelings.

One awesome Reddit user even turned Aaron’s list into a gif:  

Some social media users have expressed concern that Aaron poking fun at Lex was some kind of attack or abuse, but she assures everyone that wasn’t the case. It was just an affectionate post by a husband who digs his wife and likes to surprise her with dinner.

Aaron, we love you. And Lex, we love you harder. You’re right. WE ARE LEGION. (Cries all the tears . . . )

[Images via Twitter]

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