A holiday gift guide for someone who loves crazy, kitschy accessories

Do you have that one friend who can’t get enough of the kitsch? If so, you’re in luck: There are so many amazingly quirky, totally giftable items out there right now, and they’ll make your most uniquely stylish bestie a very happy individual. If there’s a friend in your life who loves glitter, animal-emblazoned fashion, neon colors, eccentric details, and retro characters, you’re in luck! These accessories make loud (like, really loud) statements, and they’d be perfect gifts for your kitsch-loving friend.

Basically, if your bestie worships at the altar of Katy Perry, you need to shop this gift guide — so, let’s get to it! Here are 11 super cute ideas to get your quirkiest pal.

 Pink Glitter Flying Pig Clutch Handbag, $117.45


A true kitsch lover would only turn this adorable purse down when pigs fly.

Toy Hand Charm Necklace, $66


We get only slightly creeped out just looking at this, but it’s the perfect statement piece for the lady who loves the offbeat.

 Barbie Shoe Bracelet, $40


Basically the most creative way to do nostalgia. How genius is this piece? It totally takes us back to days of playing with Barbies, but it’s also COMPLETELY unlike anything else we’ve ever seen.

Betsey Johnson Unicorn Crossbody, $58.50


Betsey Johnson is the queen of quirk, so naturally her pieces are ideal picks for this purpose. Consider this cute cross body your way of telling your BFF they’re a real-life unicorn to you.

Hot Chocolate Fascinator, $25


This fascinator has a Halloween-y, Rocky Horror Picture Show vibe to it, but it’s also reminiscent of everyone’s favorite winter treat. It’s basically genius and will be your BFF’s favorite hat all season long.

LEGO Clutch Bag, $210


Who says LEGOs are just for kids? Consider this a fun way to carry a LEGO-inspired bag without shelling out on Chanel. The luxurious brand did their own take on this look, but this affordable version is way more kitsch.

Pink and gold Minnie Mouse headband, $6.50


Plain old red-and-black Minnie ears have nothing on this sparkly gold number.

Charlotte Olympia Barbie World Clutch, $1,565


Ok, ok. So this bag is WAY expensive, but if you’re looking for a REALLY generous gift for a REALLY special person (or you know, yourself), this is a total showstopper. If nothing else, it’s SO pretty to look at, right?

Furry O Nutty shoes, $188


Irregular Choice never disappoints when it comes to quirky footwear. What more can we say about that lil’ SQUIRREL?!

Cupcake Shaker Earrings, $4.79


These sweet treat-inspired danglers are so affordable and cute, and they’re sure to become your kitschy friend’s favorites!

Saloma Tropic Sunglasses, $60


Cat-eye sunglasses are totally classic…but when you add another dimension into the mix, like a ’60s mod aspect, they strike that perfect balance between wearable and unusual.

Happy shopping!

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