A ‘Full House’ sequel is probably happening. This is not a drill!

1995 just called, and it’s COMING BACK. Twenty (!!!) years after saying goodbye to the extended Tanner family, Netflix is mulling over the idea of a Full House reunion show. Not just one show, though, but a 13-episode mini-series based around our #BFFGoals, D.J. Tanner and Kimmy Gibbler. It’s a surprise anyone’s still working this afternoon, considering the widespread pandemonium the news has created.

According to TVLine, who has a pretty reliable Full House source, Netflix is “thisclose” to sealing the deal on a show with Candace Cameron Bure and Andrea Barber. The 13-episodes would be shot in a multi-camera fashion, just like the original show. There’s more to get excited about, too: John Stamos will serve as one of the producers and probably make a guest appearance. HAVE MERCY.

Also possibly making guest appearances? Bob Saget and Dave Coulier. CUT. IT. OUT.

As for everyone else — Jodie Sweetin, the Olsens, Lori Loughlin and dreamboat Scott Weinger — no word on their involvement as of yet. But let’s not forget, our old familiar friends are more than likely waiting just around the bend. Hopefully that includes Mr. Bear and Comet the dog, too.

Talk about doing some sort of Full House reunion has been discussed for years, since the cast is always hanging out together. It seems like every chance they get, they bring up the idea of a reunion one way or another, and now it’s really happening! Plus, it’s not simply a stand-alone hour-long reunion, but 13 episodes. Is this a dream? Is this the most perfect dream we’ve ever had? Sure looks like it. We’ve envisioned Full House reunions before, but never as good as adult D.J. and Kimmy. So thank you TV Gods, thank you Netflix, thank you San Francisco. We owe you one.

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