A Fanny Pack… For Your Boobs!

I don’t know about you, but I open my closet every morning and think: “Something’s missing.” Christina Conrad, a 24-year-old writer in NYC, must know the feeling because she has gifted the public with the most incredible invention EVER: The Boobypack. Now, what is The Boobypack? Why, it’s a skillfully crafted, neon sports-bra with pockets!

Conrad got the idea from, well, being a girl who likes to go to concerts and hates to hold her stuff. We all know the feeling! That’s one of the wonders of wearing a bra—it’s the purse you don’t need to carry. But it isn’t always reliable; stuff can fall out or, worse, get ruined by sweat. Introducing: The Boobypack!

Let me give you a quick breakdown: As of right now, the bra comes in three sizes (S, M & L) and three color combos (Fuchsia w/ blue, Pink w/ yellow and Yellow w/ pink). Each bra has two pockets on either side, big enough to fit an iPhone, credit cards, cash, lip gloss, etc. “Additionally, it has a really flattering cut, so it protects your belongings while making your other valuables look great in the process,” says Conrad. The style is cute and trendy, and could double as a bra or a crop top—whatever look you’re going for!

And trust that I’m not the only person who immediately understood the need for this wonderful accessory. In December, Conrad created a KickStarter account with a $15,000 goal. For those of you who have never used KickStarter, it’s a website where aspiring anythings can post a product, set a fundraising goal and hope for backers. In exactly a month, the Boobypack more than DOUBLED its goal and raised $32,725. “Literally made me run around my ridiculously tiny apartment in very tight circles screaming, ‘YES. YES. YES!’” Conrad told me.

But money would just help make the product. So how exactly did this assistant editor with no design experience get The Boobypack out there? Lots of support from a fast growing community—Electronic Dance Music, more popularly known as EDM. Now, I’m not totally familiar with EDM or raves—although I do love that one David Guetta song “Titanium”—but Conrad insists if it hadn’t been for this niche group of concertgoers, The Boobypack may not have happened. “The sports market has been cornered, as has the lingerie market. The EDM market, however, still retains a start-up mentality, one where people really reach out to help one another because they see potential, not competition,” Conrad.

Not a fan of EDM? I thought there might be a few. But that doesn’t really matter as far as The Boobypack is concerned. “Boobypack isn’t just a bra, its a lifestyle– a really fun one that doesn’t take itself too seriously,” Conrad says. And, I don’t know about you, but that’s a lifestyle I want to be a part of. I carefully constructed a list of five other uses for your Boobypack; so, if you aren’t heading to Coachella or Ultra or Day Glow this year, you don’t have to miss out!

1.     Sneaking candy into movie theaters

…Because gummy watermelons should never cost $4.95. So buy those tickets to Safe Haven and show up prepared…maybe even throw a pack of tissues in there.

2.     Storing your Oscar acceptance speech

…Because it’s award season and Chad Lowe waited too long for his moment. So scribble it down, fold it up and avoid asking Jennifer Garner to cover for you.

3.      Discreetly carrying tampons to the bathroom

…Because in 9th grade I tried everything and nothing I thought of was as clever as pockets in my bra. So slip a few on each side and proudly ask for that lavatory pass.

4.     Bringing your iPod, ID, credit card and keys on a run

…Because that New Year’s Resolution isn’t going to fulfill itself. So stop making excuses and look stylish while doing it.

5.     Stealing swag from hotels

…Because lez be real, we all do it and whatever they’re stocking is better than what’s on sale at Walgreens. So stick some conditioner in there and keep it moving!

Right now, Conrad as Xtina Designs is working on developing their website and hopes to get The Boobypack 2.0—more sizes, more colors and reinforced lining—on chests nationwide soon. The rest of her limited inventory can be found on Fab.com, hopefully in the next month. So start saving now! I know I’m gearing up to order one in every color.

Images courtesy of Christina Conrad

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