A Facts of Life-themed card for your bestie

Tokens of appreciation are something that is never given enough. A small way to show your bestie how rad they are and how much you adore their guts can mean SO MUCH. Even if it’s just a little card with a sweet note. Why not make your BFFs day and send them a little handwritten note?

Sure, anything would do. Even if you wrote them a short poem titled, “U R Numero Uno Bestie” on a dirty cocktail napkin they’d appreciate it! (Hopefully.) But if you want to make it even more special, a cute and kitschy card is the way to go. If you were fan of one of the best ‘80s television sitcoms, Facts of Life, you will totally appreciate this illustrated card by Seas and Peas. This recycled greeting card features iconic besties Natalie Green and Tootie Ramsey with “To My Sister From Another Mister” written on top. It is blank on the inside, so there’s plenty of room to write your poem or friend haiku. Send it snail mail for kicks!

Natalie and Tootie card, $4.25

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(Product shots via Seas and Peas on Etsy.)

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