A Delightful Triumph for a Mid-Western Girl

Anyone else out there a Kathryn Hahn fan? I know I’m not alone. Some of you may be scratching your head thinking the name sounds familiar but can’t place the face. Those who think you don’t know her are mistaken, in all probability. She’s the hilarious actress you’ve most likely watched and loved for a long time in supporting roles like the off-beat co-worker to Kate Hudson in How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days and Christina Applegate’s colleague in Anchorman. Or you may remember her as the scene-stealer as John C. Reilly’s love interest in Step Brothers.  More recently, she’s been rubbing elbows with the likes of Paul Rudd, Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman, as well as popping up on popular television shows like Parks and Recreation, Girls andThe Newsroom. You realize, “Oh yeah – I love her!” An apology goes out to those who didn’t need this exposition. A “you’re welcome” goes out to those who may have been aware of her by face but not by name.  Both groups can agree she is a gifted actress with brilliant comedic timing and wonder when the masses will see her play the starring role in a major movie.

Stop wondering.

Thanks to writer/director Jill Soloway, who makes her feature directorial debut with her Sundance Film Festival hit Afternoon Delight this weekend, America finally gets what many have wanted for a long time – more of Kathryn Hahn! The movie focuses on the seemingly perfect life of a happily married Silverlake suburban mom Rachel played by Ms. Hahn. Things get a little wild when Rachel and her husband, portrayed by the captivating Josh Radnor, go to a strip club to spice up their marriage.  Shortly after, she hires a stripper, played by the talented Juno Temple, to be their live-in nanny.  All sorts of trouble ensues within the household and bleeds into the entire community.  The film’s ensemble is like a well-oiled machine. These actors who generally depict comedic roles go to deep places and the audience goes right with them. This is just the first of hopefully many lead roles played by Hahn, a totally down-to-earth gal from Cleveland.

Watch as the creator and cast of the film, which includes quick wits Jane Lynch, Keegan-Michael Key and Jessica St. Clair, visit my Red Carpet and reveal their off-screen afternoon delights.


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