A Chat with Uncle Kornicob

Recently, I was lucky enough to get the opportunity the interview Luke Korns and Chris O’Flyng. They are two 16 year-old boys who make YouTube videos. Their YouTube channel has over 25,000 subscribers. I’m a big fan.

What do you post on your YouTube channel for those who don’t know?

Chris: We post comedy videos and skits that we make based on our mood.

Luke: We started our channel to display our “film making desires” but it has kind of turned into more sit-down-and-talk videos. It started off as more of a passion for videos and filmmaking.

What was the specific reason you started your YouTube channel?

Chris: We started our YouTube because we wanted to make videos.

Luke: I don’t know I think we just decided it would be a fun thing to do because I came over one week to see Chris and we were like “we should make a YouTube video!” And we were like “Yes, that would be fun!” and we posted it to YouTube and then…

Chris: …It got like, 20 views! I remember the first time we got 100 views we were freaking out.

How did you guys start getting involved in the YouTube community?

Chris: It all started when we were doing “sub-4-sub” YouTube videos. (They said they regret doing this and that it is not a fair way to promote yourself.)

Luke: We would go to YouTube channels and comment on videos and start to build friendships and be like “Hey!” and we would comment on their videos saying “Hey! We like your videos, come check out ours!” and that’s how we kind of started.

Chris: And then after awhile we got into You Now, and we made a lot of friends there.

What’s your favorite part about making all your videos?

Luke: Well I guess the best part doing what we find fun and it’s fun to take a hobby and be able to post it and have a bunch of people respond. It’s fun to see how people take our hobby and actually watch our videos. It’s really cool.

Do your parents watch your videos? What do they think of them?

Chris: Of course! My Mom says that it’s crap.

Luke: My Mom says, like, “Oh, that’s cool how they actually have something to do that they’re passionate about that has turned into something that’s decent.”

When you were younger, did you see yourself where you are now?

Chris: Yeah. Yeah, I did!

Luke: Yeah! Well I always used to see cameras and be like “I want to use that!” but I was always too young.

Chris: I remember you. You were like “Hello! It’s Luke! And today I am going to be making a video!”

Luke: Yeah, when I was, like, 10.

Chris: Yeah, you were funny.

Luke: Then it slowly evolved into what it is today.

When did you guys start getting noticed?

Luke: About 1 year ago.

Chris: Yeah.

Luke: Well, before that, we would just get a couple comments, but then slowly we started gaining more, as we were more consistent with our video uploading.

Chris: Now we get, like, 20 instead of 5!

Did you go to Vidcon? How was it?

Luke: Not last year, but we did this year. It was awesome. It was like a community of other awesome people who are like-minded.

Chris: It was like a Sprite. Like, you know how you drink a Sprite and feel like a thousand things on your tongue? Like, it’s all over your tongue? That’s what it was like. It was pretty cool.

Did a lot of fans approach you?

Chris: Yeah that was cool, too! That was the sweetness of the Sprite.

Luke: The first night in our hotel, we stepped out of the elevator and like 5 girls walked up to us and were like, “AH! WE’VE SEEN YOU ON THE INTERNET!” and then they took a picture with us. We also got to meet a bunch of YouTubers.

Do people at school watch your videos?

Luke: Yes. They always think of us as “the Internet people.”

Chris: The “YouTube-kids.” They’re like “Chris, did you make a new video?”

Luke: Yeah they’re like “Are you guys making a new video today?”

Thank you guys so much, that’s all the questions I have.

You can follow Luke on his Twitter or his Instagram. You can follow Chris on his Twitter or his Instagram. And, of course, their YouTube! Check them out; they are really funny, awesome guys!