A bunch of body-positive Instagrammers are celebrating “hip dips,” because all bodies are beautiful

In today’s yet-another-thing-women-are-made-to-feel-self-conscious-about news, the curvature of one’s hip bones, aka “hip dips,” is causing body-shaming and insecurity among women. On the bright side, women are de-stigmatizing “hip dips” with a body positive Instagram hashtag. If you’re asking yourself, “What are hip dips? Do I have them? Should I feel bad about them if I do?” The answer is N-O.

During swimsuit season — the season of rampant “beach body” insecurity — it’s important that we remain unwavering in our self-love and body acceptance, and this new body-positive hip dips Instagram trend is a great use of social media.

Still wondering what “hip dips” are? Instagrammer @tea.to.triceps explains:

Rebecca Nolan, @tea.to.triceps’s IRL name, writes in her caption that she hated the way her hips curved out then in then out again. She felt bad that she couldn’t look “good” in a body-con dress, but then discovered that “hip dips” are a common shape of female bone structure. That place where your hips meet your thighs can be deeply indented because, you know, ball-in-socket joints and stuff.

The bottom line is, it’s completely normal (or as normal as bodies get, which isn’t very, considering that we’re meant to be varying). Nolan describes her realization on Instagram, saying,

"My SKELETON was set this way. [If you don't know what I'm talking about at this point plz see the picture. Also known as violin hips/hip dents. Basically hips just dip in before getting to legs] So, I realised ...There was absolutely nothing I could do to change the shape of my hips (no amount of exercise or calorie reduction will change your skeleton)."

Ding ding ding! We have a winner!

Nolan isn’t the only one using #hipdips to show her pride in her skeleton. There are plenty more ladies with hip dips — probably everyone, to varying degrees — who haven’t even realized they had them because “hip dips” had never even been brought to their attention.

For example, Instagram user @syohan_letsgo:

Women of all shapes and sizes have them, too.


They’re actually really cute.


Also, it’s worth noting that hip dips are basically in the same place that thigh brows form, so maybe they even help make the sexiest pose on earth.

No matter what your favorite thing about hip dips may be, learning to embrace them and love every inch of your body is the ultimate goal here.


Hip dips are not something to worry about getting rid of — if you’re going to choose to acknowledge their existence, take a page from these Instagrammers’ notes and celebrate them! There’s no part of any body that’s not beautiful.

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