A beauty blogger tweeted about finding her sister’s old makeup from the ’90s and it’s making us super nostalgic

Many of us can vividly remember the first time we stole makeup from our mom, older sister, cousin or neighbor. Our formative experiences with gauche pink glittery shades of Wet ‘n’ Wild and caked on foundation will forever live in the omg-I-can’t-believe-I-thought-that-was-cute part of our hearts. Well in today’s makeup news, a beauty blogger tweeted about finding her sisters ’90s makeup and documented her journey through embarrassment and the ’90s makeup trends many of us swore we’d put behind us.

There’s something comforting and cathartic about scrolling through the tweets of the London beauty blogger Talonted Lex as she sorts through her sister’s old collection of Hard Candy nail polish during our Spice Girls and NSYNC days.

We forgot some of these products even existed.

It’s hard to deny that the compacts in the late ’90s were serving some plastic Queen of England.

Body glitter in all its forms was one of the best and most embarrassing makeup trends.

The pastel purple lipstick shades of the ’90s have already made a comeback!

The journey through old makeup even inspired her relatable high school memory.

She even found swirl-colored eyeliners.

She also found the bronzing balls that look like McDonald’s Dippin Dots.

Also, there was ICE CREAM SHAPED MAKEUP. Why isn’t this being sold now?

Remember when everyone and their mother tried to pull off blue eyeshadow, but we all know Britney Spears and Brandy were the only ones who truly could?

The nostalgic makeup journey of Talonted Lex grew to such quick popularity she’s been immortalized in a Twitter Moment.

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