A 12-year-old built an unconventional Lego sculpture and became an instant internet hero

Making things out of Legos gives children (and adults) creative freedom. You can build inventive creations on any surface using Lego tape or construct a beautiful field of Lego daffodils. You can even play with Stranger Things Legos. But sometimes, simplicity goes a long way.

When 12-year-old Riley made a Lego sculpture of a worm using a single yellow Lego brick, it became an instant internet sensation.

Talk about creative! It didn’t matter if Riley didn’t feel like doing the project or just had no idea how to use multiple bricks to create something. This one yellow brick took Twitter by storm. And it’s not hard to understand why. We love when kids get creative in hilarious yet accurate ways.

A lot of people think that Riley has a great future in marketing.

We agree that Don Draper would probably approve of Riley’s single brick.

Others think the 12-year-old has a bright future in art.


Or maybe Riley is just a master procrastinator?

This is one of the reasons why we love the internet so much. A very unconventional Lego design from a 12-year-old captured the interest of thousands of people. You just never know what will capture people’s attention online.

We don’t know what the future holds for Riley, but we’re hoping for some more amazing Lego sculptures. Maybe the next one will be a block? Or maybe a turtle in a shell? Possibly a smart phone? Whatever the case, we just hope Riley has more designs for us to enjoy.

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