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What It Means to Dream About Your Teeth Falling Out

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51% of You Hate the Way Your Teeth Look

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Everything You Want to Know About Tooth Stains, Explained by Dentists

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Dentists Explain Why We Can Stop Demonizing Toothpaste With Fluoride

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Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Getting Veneers, Answered by Dentists

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This Is What Happens to Your Body When You Stop Flossing

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Your Sleep Teeth-Grinding Habit Can Stop If You Use These 3 Treatments

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Here’s How to Get Your Dental Hygiene Back on Track If You Haven’t Been to the Dentist

Plus, is it actually safe to go right now?

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The 3 Most Common Recurring Dreams Among Women

Is the No. 1 recurring dream a result of the type of entertainment and news we absorb?

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This New Whitening Treatment Brightened My Teeth Without Causing Sensitivity

I started smiling with my teeth for the first time in years.

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Queen Camilla is Ruffling Feathers with Lunch Dates

This comes as Harry and Meghan announce new leadership and activism-fueled Netflix project.

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The 6 Best Teeth Whiteners for Getting Pearly Whites At Home

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Danica Patrick on Removing Her Breast Implants

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Don't Talk About Your Ex on a Date

Americans have revealed their biggest turnoffs and dipping into the past is just one of them.

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Got Painful TMJ? Botox Can Help With That

Overnight grinding can lead to muscle buildup, major headaches, and overall tension.

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This Sonic Electric Toothbrush Has Totally Changed the Way I Brush My Teeth

Its built-in features encourage me to brush smarter *and* longer.

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This Ancient Ayurvedic Practice Could Be the Secret to Brighter Teeth

~swish swish~

Jessica Biel Launched a Non-Toxic Wellness Brand Designed for Families

Kinderfarms is putting kids and their health first.

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Megan Thee Stallion Uses 2 Drugstore Products to Wash the “Hot-Girl Stuff” Off Her Face

"Every night before bed, I have to wash off the 20 pounds of makeup that I have on all day from doing hot-girl stuff."

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10 Surprising Benefits of Botox You Might Not Know

It's National Botox Day, after all, and these uses for the injectable are less discussed.