99-Year-Old Woman Gets Her High School Diploma

Audrey Crabtree fell one credit short of graduating high school in 1932. She suffered a swimming and diving injury that caused her to have to miss several days of school and OH, she was also super-busy being an angel/taking care of her sick grandmother. Then, she made the difficult decision to put love first (*swoon*), get married to her beau and commence family-making instead of re-doing her senior year. Needless to say, she had her hands full at a very young age. Are you feeling weepy yet? Are you questioning this cruel, cruel world and why bad things happen to good people? It’s OK, calm down over! This ends well.

After marrying her #1, the couple opened a flower shop called Flowers By Audrey after their two children started attending school — but four months after they opened, her husband died unexpectedly and Crabtree was forced to run the business on her own. Which she did. For 28 years. Because she’s amazing.

When Hoffman learned of her grandmother’s sole regret, she contacted Crabtree’s high school in Iowa and requested an honorary diploma and graduation ceremony. AWW-WWAH. Surrounded by friends and family, Audrey received a diploma from the current principal of her alma mater, along with a copy of her last report card, memorabilia from her time at school (including a jacket and homecoming pins) and more than 100 handmade cards from the school’s middle school students, congratulating her on her momentous occasion.

(It’s okay to cry tears of joy here.)


Featured image via MSN