This woman took 97 lipstick selfies and the result will give you new beauty goals

Shopping for lipstick is one of purest forms of joy. There are just so many colors, brands, finishes, and consistencies that we need to try. And, even if every single shade looks the same to outsiders, we know exactly how different each one is. Basically, there’s no such thing as owning too many lipsticks, and a fellow beauty junkie on Reddit just totally proved our point.


Reddit user itselyse owns 97 lipsticks, and she swatched every single one of them then posted photos to the Makeup Addiction community. She was inspired to post the photos after she swatched her collection on her arm and a reader requested seeing them on her lips as well.


If there’s a color you absolutely have to try, she listed all the shades on Reddit here. She also provided detailed reviews on shades that she found particularly lacking or that performed particularly well. She also grouped them in the photo by shade family, which is really helpful when it comes to seeing exactly how similar some shades really are — and great way to find dupes!



We’d imagine that all that swatching was tough on her lips. As Glamour reports, itselyse also provided readers with tips on removing highly pigmented, tough-to-remove colors. “Wipe itoff with a baby wipe. If the baby wipe is not enough (like with liquid lipsticks), go in with a cotton round soaked in olive oil to break off the product,” she explained. This makes total sense — oil will help break down the pigment better than a regular makeup remover.


This was a cool project to see in action, and it kind of makes us want to do the same thing with our own shades of lipstick!