96-Year-Old Wisconsin Woman Offers Tootsie Rolls to Robber

This week, a 96-year-old woman in Marshfield, Wisconsin became an unlikely hero when she refused a robbery from a gunman looking to swindle some goods out of her family’s grocery store.

Cotton candy sweet as gold, toss that thief those Tootsie Rolls! Wolf was not about to let a man in a mask steal money from a store that she’d been in charge of for 54 years. Tootsie Rolls? Fine. Sour Patch Kids? Sure. But this cold, hard cash? Hell-to-the-no. The robber, wielding a pocketknife, denied the sugary stash and demanded that Wolf walk to the back of the store. Again, the elderly woman’s response was hell-to-the-no.

The thief, recognizing defeat (and seeing a security guard nearby), bounced — leaving Wolf unharmed. Naturally, the local police were thrilled with how things turned out, but do not recommend others react in the same way Wolf did.

So what would Wolf say if she crossed paths with the robber again?

(In an ideal world:) “Today I didn’t even have to use my A.K. I got to say it was a good day.”

(And here’s what she actually said.)

Featured image via HuffingtonPost