How a 93-year-old woman became a total celeb for a school bus of children

When you think “People that children are obsessed with” you tend to think “Actors who play superheroes” and “Disney Channel stars who eventually become pop icons.” But for one bus of students, the person they lost their minds over was a 93-year-old woman that waved to them every day on their way to and from school.

As NBC affiliate KING 5 reports, the kids who ride the Arlington, Washington school district’s Bus 7 have become very attached to the nonagenarian who has waved to the 90 kids on the bus every morning and afternoon for the past 5 years. They even had a nickname for their bus route celebrity: “The grandma in the window.” It’s become a tradition for the bus, to all wave back at “grandma” as they pass by her house.

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