Someone called 911 because their chicken nuggets weren’t ready fast enough

In this week’s edition of “things we cannot believe actually happened,” a Texas woman called 911 to complain about chicken nuggets, and we are kinda flabbergasted. Seems impossible to believe, but it happened.

The woman called 911 over her McNuggets because she clearly was not lovin’ it in any way, shape, or form, when she stopped by a Waco, Texas McDonald’s drive-thru late last week. We’ve all been there: when hunger turns into hanger and that drive-thru smell becomes unbearably good. But this hunger emergency did not truly warrant a 911 call, we imagine.

The Waco Police Department confirmed the reports, saying that they did respond to the Friday night call at the McDonald’s drive-thru. Waco Sargent W. Patrick Swanton told KWTX what happened, saying, “The woman, who still was parked in the drive-through lane, told officers she was upset because it was taking so long for her order to arrive and that she thought the nuggets ought to be free.”

For the record, she did not get her McNuggets, but did get a refund, and left empty-handed.

Swanton added, “We definitely have better things to do than respond to a call about chicken nuggets not being served quickly enough,” but did credit the McDonald’s employees for handling the situation “the right way.”

Lesson learned: Get your car to the McNuggets before hanger sets in, folks.