Beverley Mitchell wants to reboot 7th Heaven-and we’re adding these 5 shows to our wish list, too

We’re living in the era of reboots and remakes. Disney is currently making live-action versions of all our favorite animated classic films. And some of our favorite ’90s-era TV shows, like Will & Grace, Daria, and Twin Peaks, already got, or are in the process of getting, rebooted. So, after seeing a #tbt Instagram from Beverley Mitchell of 7th Heaven, we’re craving even more reboot magic. We can’t be alone in wanting to consume more nostalgic content, right?

On August 29th, Mitchell posted a series of behind-the-scenes photos from her time filming 7th Heaven, which aired on the WB (now the CW) from 1996 to 2007. In the photos, Mitchell, who played Lucy Camden, poses with her on-screen siblings Jessica Biel (Mary Camden), Barry Watson (Matt Camden), David Gallagher (Simon Camden), and Mackenzie Rosman (Ruthie Camden).

The ’90s nostalgia feels are almost too much.

“#tbt 23 years ago this week #7thHeaven premiered,” Mitchell captioned her post. “Thank you for letting the #Camdens be a part of your family! I am honored to have brought #LucyCamden to life! And I will be forever grateful for the family it gave me! I love you always @jessicabiel @realbarrywatson @mackrosman #davidgallagher.”

“Now if only we could get a reboot! Would you be down to watch?” Um, YES, WE ARE!

Thumbing through Mitchell’s photos got us thinking that we want to see so many ’90s shows rebooted during this remake renaissance. But if we had to settle for just five, here are our top picks:


Picture this: It’s Seinfeld, but it’s filmed like Larry David’s other hit show Curb Your Enthusiasm. It’s dry, it’s witty, and Jerry still looks like he’s going to crack up in every scene. Even if it was just a miniseries or an hour-long special, we’d love to see how/if the cast made it out of jail.

2Buffy the Vampire Slayer

So, there technically is a new Buffy show in the works. However, it’s not a reboot. According to, the show will pick up 20 years after the first Buffy ended and will center around a new Slayer. But we’d sure love to see Sarah Michelle Gellar kick some vampire/demon butt again.


Obviously. Although we have a feeling Friends would feel a lot different set in the age of smartphones, texts, and social media, we’d still like to see what our favorite friend group is up to 15 years after they left that colorful apartment. Are they all still friends? We need to know.

4Clarissa Explains It All

Having grown up with Clarissa (played by Melissa Joan Hart) explaining it all to us, we have to admit that we could definitely still use some pointers for adulthood from our Nickelodeon darling. What if there was a Clarissa reboot that centered around adult Clarissa, who is still just as spunky and honest as ever? We’d appreciate it.

5My So-Called Life

We just want to see Claire Danes and Jared Leto reprise their ’90s roles in some capacity. Is that too much to ask? We don’t think so.

Let’s all pray to the TV gods together to help make some of these ’90s reboots happen.

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