7 Looks From ’90s Icons We Wish Would Make A Comeback

We thankfully live in an era where ’90s fashion is having a comeback and I personally couldn’t be more thrilled. Maybe it’s because I grew up in the ’90s that I idolize the decade so much. Maybe it’s because I desperately wanted Doc Marten’s but never got any because “you’re just going to grow out of them and they’re expensive.” Maybe it’s because the first time I started thinking about my clothes was when I watched Clarissa Explains it All and thought, “I want to dress like THAT!”

But I think truthfully, I’m thrilled because ’90s fashions are FUN. We had a lot of style icons to choose from and they had a LOT of awesome signature looks. So in celebration, let’s check out 12 looks from ’90s icons we wish would make a comeback.

The Spice Girls’ Everyone’s-Got-A-Theme Look

I’m jealous of everything in this picture. Ginger’s flag shoes, everyone’s hair styles. Now I know I’m not in a girl band (yet) but I really yearn for the days of having theme outfits being an acceptable thing—think about how easy it would be: you are all dressing in a theme and you have a specific theme within the theme! It’s so organized! They each have a “thing” and I’m obsessed with it.

P.S. Ginger used to always be my favorite but I kind of have a soft spot for Baby right now.

The Non-Matching Clarissa Darling Look

Clarissa Darling was my ultimate style icon as a child. I very specifically dressed as closely to her as I could as a 5th grader and still incorporate some Clarissa-inspired looks into my everyday outfits. But what we can’t really attempt anymore is this complete disregard for “matching.” I am in awe of this outfit and you better believe I searched high and low for some globe earrings, so if anyone has some, lemme know.

The Inexplicable “Genie In a Bottle” Christina Aguilera Look

This is one of my favorite things. Much like my reaction to Larissa Oleynik’s two-piece prom dress in 10 Things I Hate About You, I felt like my love for this outfit was met with weird stares. There was nothing I wanted more than to be able to rock this insane ensemble. Remember when the part of your body you showed off was UNDER your belly button? Amazing.

The Rachel Green Hair

I never got a full “Rachel” haircut but oh boy did I want one. In one episode she wears full-length overalls unhooked with a sweatshirt so you better believe the next day I rolled into school in a similar look. I adored everything Rachel wore and everything about her. I don’t think we’d ever be caught wearing mom-jean shorteralls with a blazer over them now and I think we’re the worse for it.

The Cher Horowitz Super-Matching Look

If Iggy Azalea is any indication, this is still a style we’re all clamoring for: I even got a similar look from Black Milk Clothing:

But that’s still not quite a viable LOOK for 2014. If you go the yellow plaid route, it’s like you’re in a costume and if you do a different color plaid it’s just weird. Le sigh. Still desperately trying to get the essence of Cher into my life on a daily basis.

The School Girl Britney Spears Look

No one can pull off pigtails – especially pink puffy pigtails – quite like Britney Spears. And no one made me sadder I didn’t have to wear a school uniform quite like Britney Spears.

The Queens of Everything TLC Look

Queens. Everything about this is my desire for clothing and attitude.

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