Can you guess which ’90s star is in this adorable TBT Santa picture?

It’s always funny seeing pictures of popular icons with Santa. They give us a glimpse at the pure childhood versions of stars before they became centered in the Hollywood spotlight. And it’s especially fun to guess what people’s personalities were like as children. Based on the photo alone, can you guess what this 90s star asked Santa for?

If you can’t tell by just by glancing, this is a none-other than Buffy star Sarah Michelle Gellar as a wee adorable child snuggling up to a morose but dedicated mall Santa.

She looks sweet and content sitting on his lap, but we wonder… What did Sarah Michelle Gellar want from Santa before her days of achieving acting stardom as Buffy the vampire slayer, sharing drool-worthy recipes and having the cutest relationship ever with Freddie Prinze Jr.?!

She looks fully convinced that Santa will deliver her request for a Christmas pony. Also, their matching outfits make the picture even more precious.

We could be off-base with the classic pony request, though. She could have asked Santa for a Hot Wheels track, or a cute coat or a Lego Set. SMG asked fans to weigh in on the comments, and they had some pretty good ideas.

“I totally know which elf I’m getting and the big guy is gonna let me take him,” captioned one fan.

“If only he knew what I did last Summer…” wrote another.

Regardless of what baby Sarah Michelle Gellar asked for, Santa delivered a blooming acting career.

May Santa bring you everything you wish for this Christmas! (And have a happy Thanksgiving first.)