Our fave ’90s star joins ‘House of Cards’ (and everything else we know about the new season)

If you’re all caught up on House of Cards, Netflix’s highly successful political drama, then you know last season ended on a major cliffhanger with (spoiler alert!) First Lady Claire Underwood (played by the incomparable Robin Wright) walking out on her presidential husband, Frank (Kevin Spacey), after suffering months of emotional abuse.

This revelation left us pretty excited about the show’s fourth season and what’s going to happen with the Underwoods’ marriage, not to mention Frank’s whole bid for reelection. Now details are slowly starting to trickle out about the production of the next season.

Deadline reports that 90s it-girl Neve Campbell will be joining as a series regular. Can you say amazing? Though her role on the show remains shrouded in mystery, the Scream and Party of Five star will probably do her fair share of backstabbing. It’s the House of Cards way after all. We know that the next season of the political drama likely won’t drop until next February, but we’ve been collecting every hint we can about what might be in store.

Here’s all we know about the fourth season.

Are there at least rumors on who Neve Campbell will play?

You better believe it. According to some reports, she may play one half of a younger, sexier political couple who take on Frank and Claire Underwood. Can’t wait for that to happen.

What will Frank do now that Claire is (possibly) gone for good?

Well, he’s definitely in hot water. As you may well know, Frank is fighting for his life in a campaign for the presidency and given Claire’s popularity among his constituents, her absence could be a huge blow to his campaign. Then again, the two have always functioned as a team, so we’re betting that we haven’t seen the last of Mrs. Underwood.

When will the fourth season premiere?

Most likely late Winter 2016. Since the show debuted on February 1, 2013, its premiere date has slowly inched up with Season 2 going live on February 14, 2014 and Season 3 appearing on February 27, 2015. Here’s hoping they don’t push the show’s premiere any deeper into the next calendar year. We can’t wait that long!

When does filming start?

It’s already started! The show typically films from June to mid-December. In fact, during an interview at the Vulture Festival, showrunner Beau Willimon admitted that he just checked into a hotel in Baltimore (where the show films) for a 212-day stay.

And that’s really all we know! Here’s hoping details continue to leak as the months go on.

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