This ’90s rockstar has the most unexpected side project

Have you been wondering what Red Hot Chili Peppers’ bassist and all-around rockstar Flea has been up to lately? Well, good news! Rolling Stone has the low-down on the musician’s sort of surprising hobby of choice: Beekeeping!

Flea has his own apiary, which is home to over 60,000 bees and 200,000 insects overall. He frequently shares pictures of his beekeeping on social media, including shots of him in full beekeeper mode, like this one.

So why is Flea saying, “Pleezus more beezus?” The star is a passionate environmentalist, and his apiary is his way of doing a small part to combat the declining bee population. Colony Collapse Disorder, which is the term for the steady decline in the honeybee population, is a huge threat to the food chain and bio-diversity.

It’s considered one of the most pressing immediate issues facing the environment, due to the need for pollinating and the huge role bees play in nature. Operations like Flea’s apiary can make a big difference by providing safe environments conducive to bee survival, encouraging the population to grow and bees to do their bee thing.

Good on you, Flea, and all your bees! Way to save the world, one buzzing bee at a time.

(Image via Capitol Records)


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