’90s Outfits That Would Make the “Friends” Cast So Proud

No one can deny this has been a hell of a nostalgic year. Forced isolation had us organizing photos and binging TV shows from our youth, and fashion is always sentimental. Now, we’re recirculating items we thought we would never see again—hello, scrunchies. Currently, it’s the ’90s fashion trends that are getting a revival. 

You might have noticed some of your favorite stars and influencers wearing slip dresses, fanny packs, chokers, and overalls on TikTok and Instagram. What brought on this comeback? Sure we could blame the Friends obsession, which gave us style icon Rachel Green. Her crop tops, short skirts, and of course, her hairstyle is still popular even today. While pop culture always has an influence, the real reason for the ’90s trend return is the need for fashion to be functional and comfortable. The era brought us overalls, sweats, and graphic tees that are oversized and baggy. Convenient fanny packs and easy to walk in chunky sneakers trump the past trends of hard to hold clutches and easy to break your ankle stilettos. There was an effortlessness to the sexy elements, like the shrunken cardigans, and the grungy ones, like plaid shirts and combat boots. This decade often gets a bad wrap, but it deserves a reboot, just like She’s All That. 

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’90s Prep

As if! The very Cher Horowitz look of the shrunken cardigan and high waisted light denim jeans has been spotted on the Gigis and the Kendalls of the world. While the outfit itself is pretty minimal, it’s all about the added accessories; chunky white sneakers, small frames, and the very important scrunchie.

Socialite Skivvy Ribbed Cardigan, $15.60, nordstrom.com; Mavi Viola Indigo Recycled Jeans, $82.99, mavi.com; ILLUDE Platform Sneakers, $29.99, amazon.com; America Eagle Knit Sweater Scrunchies 3-Pack, $4.97, ae.com

90s outfits ideas fashion

’90s Grunge

Oversized overalls fit right in with the comfort theme of the 2021. Get grungy by wearing a ribbed sleeveless turtleneck under and having a flannel to also wear or wrap around your waist. Combat boots and large hoop earrings are the excellent accompanying accessories. For the full effect, un-do one of the overall straps.

American Eagle Cropped Flannel Shirt, $39.95, ae.com; Anne Klein Ribbed Ruffle Neck Sleeveless Sweater, $79, nordstrom.com; Madewell Straight-Leg Overalls, $148, madewell.com; SweetV Hoop Earrings, $16.99, amazon.com; Frye Karen Combat Boot, $327.95, nordstrom.com

90s outfits ideas fashion

’90s Lounge

A matching sweat set is the updated, more streamlined version of the tracksuit. Cropped cut hoodies were all the rage back then and a great way to show off some skin while still staying warm. The shower slide with a refreshed 21st-century look is just the shoe to keep it sporty. Throw on a bright windbreaker for extra warmth, along with some athletic socks for chilly days when you are running a quick errand.

Wrangler Expedition Jacket, $158, nordstrom.com; Aritzia Boyfriend Cropped Hoodie, $75, aritzia.com; Aritzia Cozy Fleece Boyfriend Basic Sweatpant, $70, aritzia.com; ROAM Puffy Rose Sandal, $137, roamwears.com; HUE Scalloped Socks, $7, amazon.com

90s outfits ideas fashion

’90s Chill

While it is a timeless piece, the slip dress becomes a child of the ’90s when you layer it over a bodysuit. Try one in the attention-getting loud, bold prints of the decade. Arguably the essential ’90s accessory, chokers, work perfectly with a wider neck top, so the neck and jewelry are put on full display. Bucket hats are back in a big way, and certainly a cool way to keep you shaded. Go for bright white Dr. Martens for the grunge spin.

Anthropologie Elyse Printed Bias Slip Dress, $128,  anthropologie.com; Everlane Long-Sleeve V-Neck Bodysuit, $35, everlane.com; Urban Outfitters Sherpa Bucket Hat, $24, urbanoutfitters.com; Dr. Martens ‘Jadon’ Boot, $180, nordstrom.com; BaubleBar Abbie Y-Chocker Necklace, $15, baublebar.com