All the ’90s TV shows that got turned into (really good) movies

There’s nothing millennials love quite as much as reminiscing about the ’90s. Ribbon Dancers, Skip-Its, SNICK — ah, SNICK. What I wouldn’t give to spend this Saturday night waiting for a new episode of Kenan and Kel. The ’90s gave us some of our most beloved TV shows, which gave way to some of our favorite movies. Let’s go back, shall we?

Speaking of the ’90s, the 16th anniversary of The Rugrats Movie is today (does anybody have a time machine?) and it holds up as one of the best TV-to-movie films of the era. Let’s face it: they don’t write characters like Boris and Minka Kropotkin anymore. Because we love nostalgia, here are some of our favorite movies inspired by TV shows that just scream the ’90s.

1. Good Burger (All That)

“Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger, can I take your order?” What began as a recurring sketch on All That became a major motion picture, starring two of Nickelodeon’s poster children: Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell. Good Burger has everything from exploding beef, to Abe Vigoda, to a musical number in a mental institution. It’s really the epitome of ’90s Nickelodeon humor.

2. The X Files: Fight the Future (The X Files)

What do we love more than conspiracies and alien activity? Conspiracies and alien activity with agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. The X Files: Fight the Future was designed to be both a standalone movie and a bridge between seasons 5 and 6. But most importantly, it has the eerie whistle from the TV theme.

3. The Simpsons Movie (The Simpsons)

Leave it to The Simpsons to be ahead of the times. They joked about the NSA in The Simpsons Movie before it was cool. But arguably the best thing about the movie is the role of Spider Pig. He had his own theme song, for goodness sake.

4. Space Jam (Looney Tunes)

If you look up “90s” in the dictionary, there’s a picture of Bugs Bunny kissing Michael Jordan on the lips. Space Jam is such a classic (in case you forgot, Billy Murray AND Wayne Knight are in it), its website is also still fully intact. The soundtrack is on point too: ‘Space Jam’ and ‘I Believe I Can Fly’ were the anthems of ’96.

5. Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy (Kids in the Hall)

When Lorne Michaels’ Portlandia-esque comedy show Kids in the Hall came to an end, Brain Candy was born. Now, it’s a cult classic. The film resurrected some of the show’s characters, but introduced lots of new ones. I dare you not to “crush someone’s head” after reading this.

6. The SpongeBob Square Pants Movie (SpongeBob SquarePants)

First of all, did you know the good people behind SpongeBob SquarePants are still making new episodes? Bless them. This is their 15th season — a rarity, in today’s television world. If anyone that works for Mr. Squarepants is reading, do you have room for one more writer? Call me. SBSP transcends generations. It’s the great equalizer. Maybe it’s the secret to world peace? I don’t know, just spitballing here. The show is delightful. The movie is, too.

7. Sex and the City (Sex and the City)

It’s easy to overlook SATC as hailing from the ’90s, but the series started late in the decade. Lest you forget, take a look at some of Carrie’s getups in the first few seasons. The fab four had a great run on HBO, then created one of the best TV-to-movie films ever. (It was basically a glorified extended episode, but admit it — you loved it. The first movie, that is.)

8. Pokémon: The First Movie (Pokémon)

Time to come clean: There was once a time when you were into Pokémon. Maybe you collected the cards, played the Game Boy game, or had a weird crush on Brock (he was a gym leader, you guys). At the very least, you thought Pikachu was a cutie. What I’m trying to say is, I was in 5th grade when Pokémon: The First Movie came out, and the ending made me sob in the theater. We’ll leave it at that.

9. Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me (Twin Peaks)

To say that Twin Peaks was cancelled too soon is the understatement of, well, the early ’90s. Luckily, it’s coming back to Showtime for nine episodes in 2016. The movie Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me is commonly referred to as both a prequel and a sequel to the TV show, so I’m curious to see what creators Mark Frost and David Lynch have up their sleeves for their Showtime stint.

10. Doug’s 1st Movie (Doug)

Doooo dodo do do do doooo do doo do doo. A contender for Nickelodeon’s best TV theme of all time, Doug and Skeeter took their talents to Hollywood in Doug’s 1st Movie. Sure, the movie was made by Disney, and Doug’s voice wasn’t the same. But differences aside, you have to love anything and everything Funnie. It’s part of the ’90s Kids Code.

11. A Goofy Movie (Goof Troop)

Don’t let the title, poster, or stars of this movie make you think otherwise: A Goofy Movie is a serious tearjerker. It makes you want to hug your parents and tell them how much you love them, stat. It also makes you ponder things like, how is Max so smart? Why do these dogs have a pet dog? Plus, you can never be reminded too many times that Goofy’s full name is Goofy Goof.

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