Presenting some of the most underrated ’90s movie fashions. . .

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Ah, yes, #TBT is upon us once again. This week I would like to take you on a journey back through the underrated fashions in ’90s movies.

Sure, we all wanted to dress like Cher Horowitz – or, if you were me in 1996, you ACTUALLY dressed like the male characters in Clueless – but what other ‘90s movies had great styles we should steal and love forever? Turns out, there’s a lot! Cher Horowitz wasn’t the only ’90s fashion icon, after all.

Well, here are some more movies from the ’90s featuring fashion we don’t give nearly enough attention to!

The movie: Jawbreaker

A somehow more-messed-up Heathers for the ’90s, Jawbreaker was my most anticipated movie of 1999. Too bad my friends deemed me the “Fern” of the group (and, too bad for me, my first and middle names were almost Bethany Fern instead of Erin Mallory).

The fashion: Bright and gaudy! The look of this movie is so great and intense, considering the subject matter and side bar, if you like this movie please also watch the Law and Order: Special Victims Unit episode, “Mean.” This was how I thought every cool girl would be dressed in high school and aspired to wear as many bright colors and plastic skirts as they did.

The movie: Reality Bites

. . .AKA the way I thought my life would look after college (I was very small when this movie came out and didn’t understand anything).

The fashion: SUPER ’90s! Give me everything worn in this movie as my only clothes and I will be very happy. I also somehow predicted ’90s fashion would have a resurgence when I was an adult and I’d GET to dress just like this. (Or everything is cyclical and that was inevitable, but whatever.)

The movie: Fear

One of the scariest movies I ever repeatedly watched in high school. One time we watched it in a group and my friend leapt up at one point to TURN OFF THE VCR mid-movie. (Yes, I watched this movie on VHS.)

The fashion: Very ‘bad girl’ ’90s. That happens to be my favorite aesthetic of all time. Always kind of having your stomach exposed when you’re in clothes but still wearing a one-piece. Swoon-a-rama. And Alyssa Milano is my whole world in this movie. Clothing-wise.

The movie: Singles

They all live in the same apartment complex just like Melrose Place but with a killer soundtrack and a lot of heart (awww) and also, I still have a crush on Campbell Scott because of this movie.

The fashion: It’s all about Bridget Fonda for me. Hats, black tights, floral dresses, leather, it is how I dress now and how I dressed in 1994 and how I’ve wanted to dress my entire life.

The movie: 10 Things I Hate About You

A modern re-telling of “The Taming of the Shrew,” 10 Things I Hate About You was one of my favorite movies for all of high school. I’m forever a Kat desperate to be a Bianca and it SHOWED.

The fashion: FIRMLY late-’90s-but-pre-cursor-to-2000s-teen. I mean, Bianca’s entire outfit in this poster is what I wanted for my entire wardrobe. Desperately.

When Bianca wore a two-piece prom dress MOST people’s reactions were, “hmmm” and mine was, “OMG YES I LOVE IT BUT WOULD NEVER BE BOLD ENOUGH TO WEAR IT.”

The movie: Never Been Kissed

My favorite movie about an undercover reporter posing as a high school student and making her hot teacher fall in love with her. (Are there others, because this might be my favorite genre?)

The fashion: Similarly gaudy, like Jawbreaker, but also hilariously inexplicable—since Drew Barrymore is a 25-year-old pretending to be a teen. Now, I think this is a task I could do pretty well, blending in fashion-wise at a high school, but perhaps not. Yeah, I could do better than this white thing though. . .

One thing’s for sure: all of these fashions make me feel like:

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