Holiday scents no ’90s girl will ever forget

Bath & Body Works’ Sugar Plum Body Splash: There was one year where sugar plum was THE scent of the holidays. What, exactly, IS sugar plum, though?

Bath & Body Works’ Art Stuff Line: Oh man. This was the perfect collection for the holidays. You could mix and match, and they were inexpensive gifts for your friends. And remember how they smelled? Like a thousand artificial “berry” scents, which were hard to discern from each other.

Shimmer Lip Smackers: Come winter, Bonne Bell always pleased us with a festive collection. Usually, these Smackers were purple, light blue, or pink in hue, and came with enough shimmer to get your lips looking perfectly frosted. There was definitely a mint cookie one that you pretty much just ate, and sugar plum was also a staple flavor.

The Body Shop’s Strawberry Gift Set: Winter might have seemed like the wrong season to launch a strawberry line, but The Body Shop somehow knew that ’90s girls would fall for red packaging and a scent so scrumptious, you wished strawberries actually smelled like this.

Bath & Body Works’ Juniper Breeze: The perfect winter scent because it had that slight pine and woody vibe.

Bath & Body Works’ Lip Balms: You gave these to your friends, they gave them to you. You might as well have never exchanged gifts! We remember the cherry vanilla tasting particularly smoothie-like, and the peppermint ones tasting just a touch sweet.

Gap Heaven Candle: Lucky was the ’90s girl who had the candle version of this perfectly powdery scent.

Gap Om: Let’s face it. You got those mini-packs of the Gap scents and you kept Heaven and Dream for yourself. Your friends got Om and Grass. And then you regretted it because you realized Om especially was a grown-up scent with its sophisticated, spicy, patchouli-like top notes.

Vanilla Liquid Lip Smacker: On your lips at every holiday party, no doubt.

Victoria’s Secret Pear Glacé: While this fruity scent was a staple for ’90s girls year-round, it was particularly present around the holidays when you were making so many a trip to VS for gifts (and secret push-up bras to wear to the dance).

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