’90s girl groups who need to reunite, like, right now

We had a wonderful musical situation in the ‘90s where we were drowning in girl groups – in the best way! Everything was matching outfits, awesome harmonies and killer hairstyles and I couldn’t have been happier. But most of these groups fell by the wayside almost as quickly as we stopped wearing butterfly clips in our hair. Ah, memories. I’m not saying I’d love to go back to having braces or being in middle school but wouldn’t it be great if our favorite girl groups would reunite for us?

Well, fans of SWV are getting just that with a new season of the series SWV Reunited(Oh yes, season 3 premieres tonight on WeTV.) The show will continue to chronicle the girls’ efforts to return to recording and touring. (Please picture me singing “Weak” on the bus in 4th grade with my also-9-year-old girl friends.)

But it made me think – well, daydream – about what OTHER ‘90s girl groups we need to reunite this year. Cue: list.

Spice Girls

The Spice Girls are the reason I A. couldn’t stop posing by flashing the peace sign B. wanted to wear Union Jack everything and C. tried out a million different pigtails styles.

They’ve already done the reunion thing…but it hasn’t been in a while (2012 Olympics, actually!). We are way overdue for a proper reunion album/show/movie/tour/ANYTHING! The world at large obviously still wants you, guys! Come back to us! PLEASE!

Destiny’s Child

Obviously, the other HUGE GET of 2015 would be a Destiny’s Child reunion. Beyoncé is bigger than ever (though let me be clear I have been desiring to be her since the year 2000) and we need some of those Destiny’s Child jams BACK.

Yes, we all saw the girls come up from the stage when Beyoncé performed at the Super Bowl. But that wasn’t enough. We need a full-blown reunion. And I need to hear Independent Women, Pt. 1 IMMEDIATELY.


Okay, Irish girl group, B*Witched, HAS reunited and it’s amazing. They brought us the incredibly catchy C’est La Vie and, of course, the only cover of “Mickey” any of us care about. (The one in Bring it On.) But until we’re all back listening to B*Witched and longing for those longer pieces of hair in the front, I won’t consider it a reunion. I need this to be front page news, Internet!


Just the mention of the song “My Little Secret” used to make me blush and I gotta say, it still kind of does to this day.

Before she was writing all my favorite pop songs (TLC’s “No Scrubs” and Destiny’s Child’s “Bills Bills Bills”) and starring on Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kandi Burruss, was part of Xscape. Kandi has said repeatedly this won’t happen but a girl can dream, guys!

En Vogue

Man, I just want to listen to this song on repeat right now. The music video was like it’s own movie. Anyway, En Vogue is straight up classy and I ADORED them. They are FOR REAL.

Sure they did An En Vogue Christmas but let’s bring these ladies back into the spotlight. I mean, I knew every other Lifetime movie we had last year EXCEPT that one. I never saw any press for it. We’ve failed En Vogue.


Speaking on En Vogue…

“Whatta Man.” THIS WAS MY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL JAM. No, it didn’t matter what it was about. It sounded cool and I LOVED it. I think we can all agree our live would be a lot better with some Salt-n-Pepa.


I had the CD single of “All Cried Out” and completely wore it out. It’s amazing how many adult emotions a prepubescent girl can convince herself she understands.

I think it’s safe to say, I’m jonesing for some ’90s R&B realness back in my life. Somebody please bring this back for me. Please.

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